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Private tour at the Vatican Museums, Vatican Gardens and St.Peter

VATICAN TOUR  2) - Museum Vatican, Vatican Gardens and St. Peter's Basilica

A Day in the smallest country in the World !

Duration: full day, 7-8 hours.


  • EUR 600,00 (our Guiding fee)

  • EUR 18,00 (reduced) or 22,00 EUR per adult for the admission fee both to the Vatican Museums & Vatican Gardens with reservation included (no lines);

  • EUR 250,00 to be given to the Vatican Museums for proving this guiding fee/royalty. This can be paid by credit card.

  • We remind you that Us, official Vatican City Tour Guides, never pay the entrance fees.

You may pay to us everthing by Visa-MasterCard.

This is a special tour ! With Us, being Vatican Official Guides, you may want to have a really special Vatican tour seeing most of the Vatican highlights. NO LINES WITH OUR RESERVATION - VIP ENTRANCE AT THE VATICAN MUSEUMS !

How does it work ?

We will enter the Vatican Museum beating the crowds with no lines at anytime after 08.30 am/09.00 am and do soon the tour of the Vatican Gardens. Really exclusive, we will be your party/family and myself.

After a couple of hours, we will enter from the Vatican Gardens into the Museums, from the back door (again, with no lines of course!). We will have a couple of hours inside the Museum visiting some of the highlights: Greek and Roman sculptures, ancient Rome mosaics, frescos and, if you like, a bit of the Vatican Painting Gallery.

After a quick pause inside the Vatican Cafeteria for lunch, we will be strolling inside the Museums to get first into the Raphael Rooms and then into the Sistine Chapel and, from there, with no lines as well, into St. Peter's Basilica to see, at your desire, also the Tombs of the Popes underneath the main level of St. Peter's. In our opinion, and we have hundreds of different tours, this is the TOP TOUR. Exclusive, intense, fun, various, you really get inside the Vatican, all about the Vatican.

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