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Private Rome Tours with your Official Rome and Vatican Tour Guide

Rome Tours

Of course, being Rome Official Tour Guides, we provide on daily basis private tours in our home town, Rome, The Eternal City. What to see in Rome?

The UNESCO officially stated that Italy has around the 40-43 % of the entire World Art Treasures. And, specifying, that only the city of Rome has from the 60 to the 65 % of the Italian Art & History. This means that, due the proportions, Rome has appx. the 20 % of the World Art History.  

Dear Guest and Internet User, you will easily understand that we would need an Encyclopedia to resume what can be seen in Rome. There is no web site capable to hold such a marvelous heritage. We are far away to list less than 5% of what we can tour with you. At least we tried. Hope you are flexible and appreciate anyway our effort.... yes, first requisite is flexibility as we may have lots of tour combinations.

Roma: The name inverts neatly to form AMOR [e] ( LOVE ).

Considering the enormous historical heritage and variety of Rome Tours, here below we made a sample of different Rome city tours that we may see on private basis ( myself, Official Rome Tour Guide with you only and not sharing with other people ). For some of them, we highly recommend to have a tour combination with our private drivers/cars too. Some kind of tours can be done as day trip from Rome.

Ancient Rome Tour: Pantheon Rome, Sacred Area of Argentina, Capitol Hill, Roman and Imperial Forum, Colosseum  Rome, Palatine Hill ( Caesars' Palaces ).

Hidden & Subterranean Ancient Rome: Domus Aurea, Crypta Balbi, St.Clement's Basilica, Roman Houses at the Caelian Hill, Vicus Caprarius, St.e Cecilia, St. Martino ai Monti, St.e Prisca.

Ancient Rome through its Museums: the Capitoline Museums + Palazzo Massimo alle Terme + Centrale Montemartini + the Museum of The Roman Civilization ( EUR ).

Unusual Ancient Rome: Hadrian's Mausoleum ( Castel S. Angelo ), Baths of Caracalla, Caestius Pyramid and the Aurelian ( Rome ) City Walls with a walk through the upper level, The Quintili Villa on the Appian Way.

Baroque and Renaissance Tour: Piazza del Popolo, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Colonna Square, Navona Square, Campo dei Fiori, Farnese Square.

Christian Rome # 1 : the Four Patriarchal Basilicas: St. Peter, St. Paul Outside the Walls, St.e Mary Major and St. John in the Lateran.

Christian Rome # 2 : Appian Way with the Catacomb(s), choice between: St. Callixtus, St. Sebastian, Domitilla.

Christian Rome # 3, the Early Christian Period through the historical Basilicas and Cloisters: St.e Sabina, St. Clement's, St. Lawrence, St.e Mary in Trastevere, Ss. Cosma and Damiano.

Christian Rome # 4 through the Mosaics: see above n. 6 & 8 PLUS St.e Cecilia, St.e Mary della Navicella, St.e Praxedis & St.e Pudenziana, Mausoleum of St.e Constance ( Emperor Constantine's daughter ).

Baroque Rome in depth: St.e Agnes within the Walls, St. Ivo alla Sapienza, St. Louis of the French, St. Andrew, St. Mary in Vallicella ( " Chiesa Nuova " ), Church of Jesus and his Apartments, St. Ignatius.

Renaissance Rome in depth: Basilicas of St.e Maria del Popolo, St.e Maria della Pace, Bramante Cloister, The Vatican Chancery, St.e Maria Sopra Minerva, St. Peter's in Chains, St. Peter's in Montorio and St.e Mary of The Angels and Martyrs with the Michelangelo's Cloister, Farnesina Villa.

The Rome Gem : The Borghese Gallery and its Gardens.

Jewish Rome: a walk through the Ghetto and the main Rome Jewish Area with the Tiber Island and Trastevere Area.

The Rome of Caesar Augustus: " Ara Pacis Augustae ", Mausoleum of Augustus, Octavia Portico and the Campo Marzio ( Mars Field ), The Imperial Forum, Palatine Hill.

The Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia.

The Rome of the Nobility
: the Doria - Pamphilj Gallery, the Colonna Gallery, Barberini Palace, Corsini Palace, Spada Palace.

Rome Suburbs # 1 : Ancient Ostia and Portus: the old and main Sea port of the Roman Empire.

Rome Suburbs # 2 : Tivoli: Hadrian's Villa ( biggest Caesar House ) +  Villa d'Este ( best Renaissance Villa ) + Gregorian Villa ( enchanting walk through the Tivoli Falls & Cascades and naturalistic landscapes ).

Rome Suburbs # 3 : The Roman Castles, Popes' Residence and old Roman Forts: Castel Gandolfo and its lake, Albano, Ariccia, Marino, Nemi & its Lake, Frascati, Grottaferrata, The Sacred Temple of Palestrina.

Rome Suburbs # 4 : the Etruscan Sites and Necropolis of Cerveteri, Tarquinia, Tuscania, Santa Severa ( Pyrgi ) & Sutri.

Rome Suburb # 5 : The Paliano Natural Reserve, The Monastery of St. Benedict ( Sacro Speco ) and St.e Scolastica in Subiaco with the remains of the Nero's House and the Roman Aqueduct.

Rome Suburbs # 6 : The Farnese Palace in Caprarola with the Nepi water source & the Vico Lake, National Natural Reserve.


Our guiding fee, EUR 450,00 for 5 hours. 900,00 EUR up to 10 hours available.

In most of the tours, a private driver/Limo or Van is necessary. Go to our page " Transportation " to find out costs.

You may pay with Visa or MasterCard through the Secure Web Server of Verified by Visa or SecureCode of MasterCard

Ask us about the duration of each tour you are interested into. Needless to say we may have a tour combination. Thanks!

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