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At the Vatican Museums, with your private English speaking guide ( myself or one of my family members or, should they not be available, another licensed and pro tour guide ) you will have the chance to get the benefit, enthusiasm, experience and fun of someone who knows his way since years.

How and what is a private tour with us? Intimate. Passionate, deep insight tailored for any clients wishes and, at the same time, stimulating as we are all for you. The benefit you may have are immeasurable. Last, successfully, we skip the lines at the Vatican throughout our tours showing you as well the hidden Vatican


From Monday through Saturday (except the Vatican Holidays: see 2016 Vatican calendar ), it is possible to reserve the entrance according to these new times:


Vatican Highlights - 4 hours tour

We normally include the Vatican highlights: The Pine Cone Courtyard, The Braccio Nuovo Museum with its fabulous sculptures, The Vatican Painting Gallery (Caravaggio, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, and many others), The Pio-Clementino Museum (best Roman and Greek sculptures), The Candelabra Gallery, The Gallery of Tapestries, The Maps Gallery, The Raphael Rooms, the Sistine Chapel and, of course, St. Peter's Basilica with its crypt too. Here, besides many Popes' Tombs, there is the one of John Paul II... Read More here.

VATICAN TOUR  2) - Museum Vatican, Vatican Gardens and St. Peter's Basilica

This is a special tour !
With me, being Vatican Official Guides, you may want to have a really special Vatican tour spending an entire day at the Vatican City State, the smallest country in the world. Of course, NO LINES WITH OUR RESERVATION - VIP ENTRANCE AT THE VATICAN MUSEUMS !

How does it work ?

We will enter the Vatican Museum beating the crowds with no lines at anytime after 08.30 am/09.00 am and do soon the tour of the Vatican Gardens. Really exclusive, we will be your party/family and myself.
After a couple of hours, we will enter from the Vatican Gardens into the Museums, from the back door (again, with no lines of course!). We will have a couple of hours inside the Museum visiting some of the highlights: Greek and Roman sculptures, ancient Rome mosaics, frescos and, if you like, a bit of the Vatican Painting Gallery.
After a quick pause inside the Vatican Cafeteria for lunch, we will be strolling inside the Museums to get first into the Raphael Rooms and then into the Sistine Chapel and, from there, with no lines as well, into St. Peter's Basilica to see, at your desire, also the Tombs of the Popes underneath the main level of St. Peter's. In our opinion, and we have hundreds of different tours, this is the TOP TOUR. Exclusive, intense, fun, various, you really get inside the Vatican, all about the Vatican.
Read more here !

- The After-Hour Tour of the Sistine Chapel & Vatican Museums.

Starting from April 2010, the Vatican Museums can be visited after-hour without the crowds only after 19.00 ( 07.00 pm ). You will see the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel with very, very few people.

Cost is from EUR 250,00 per person as for each ticket, including your guide, admission fee with no lines (VIP Entrance), reservation and the 3/4 hours tours inside the Vatican Museums with the Sistine Chapel. Read More here.

VATICAN TOUR 4) - St. Peter's Basilica, Pope's Tombs, Dome Tour, Historical Museum of the Treasury of St. Peter Basilica, Scavi Tour (Vatican Necropolis).

We will get the full insight of the extraordinary Vatican City on many aspects: Arts, History, Architecture, Early Christian Times & Christian Archaeology, St. Peter's Tomb, the Vatican Necropolis, Michelangelo's Dome, Bernini's Masterpieces and St.Peter's Treasury.

The latter is one of the most famous and admired world collections within the Church, with Sarcofagi, Medieval donations of great Artistic and Religious value of several Kings and Emperors who, throughout the centuries, wanted to give a homage to St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles. Unique tour. An half day dedicated to most of the Vatican complex but the Museums. NO LINES WITH OUR RESERVATION.
Read more here.

VATICAN TOUR 5) - Vatican Historical Museum at the Lateran Palace (The Noble Apartment of the Lateran Apostolic Palace)

The Lateran Apostolic Palace houses the collection of stupendous Tapestries, old documents, great paintings, old uniforms of the different Vatican Military Corps. It has the largest frescoed ceilings in Rome, with over 10.000 square meters ( more than 2,4 acres ) dating back the XVI century with the history of the Old, New Testaments and Popes. Constructed by Pope Sixtus V ( 1585-1590), now it's the Vicar Palace ( Vicariato ) open to the visitors with a Vatican Guide only. Read more Here.

VATICAN TOUR 6) - Vatican Gardens (with or without the St.e Anne Vatican Necropolis).

We will have a nice stroll throughout the most beautiful Gardens existing in Rome: The Vatican Gardens.
Several years ago was found on the other side of the Vatican slope a new Necropolis along the ancient Roman Via Cornelia, dating back to the 2nd C. A.D.. It's a n extraordinary burial place of part of the Ancient Roman middle-class. Now finally it's available and open only to the Vatican Official Guides ( likewise the Vatican Gardens ). NO LINES TO GET IN WITH OUR RESERVATION.
Read more Here.

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